Dougco School Board Approves Choice Program: Looking Back One Year Later

Can you believe it was one year ago today that the Douglas County Board of Education voted to adopt the groundbreaking Pilot Choice Scholarship Program? (Can you also believe that I was 5 years old then and am still 5 years old now? I need to talk to my Education Policy Center friends about this.) Time certainly flies.

So rather than diving into the news of the day, it seemed fitting to feature a brief retrospective. A lot has happened since then. To refresh your memory, here are some of the highlights:

In case you don’t want to read through all those newsy links, I also thought it would be great to share once more a couple of my favorite Douglas County school choice video footage from the past year, starting with the 2-minute Independence Institute production of Nate Oakley’s story:

And who can forget the fantastic, 8-minute Choice Media feature (which includes some clips of one of my Education Policy Center friends):

Looking ahead, the next few months will lead us into oral arguments before the Court of Appeals, bringing hope that — for the sake of the students — the injunction can be overturned. I’ll probably still be 5 when all that happens, too….