Democrat Groff Backs Dougco Reform, as Vote Fraud Talk Enters Election Fray

Several weeks ago I warned you about the onset of the campaign “silly season.” But then sometimes, like the last 24 hours or so, we get to see how seriously a local school board race can be taken.

So seriously, it would seem, that a supporter of the union-backed Douglas County school board candidates was describing voter fraud intent to her anti-reform compatriots on Facebook. The public leak, detected and captured by a concerned citizen, quickly caught the attention of places like Denver morning talk radio.

Well, a story like that one won’t go away quickly or easily. Concerns about election integrity now linger. As for little old me, I’d rather focus on uplifting news. (H/T Ed News Colorado) Democratic former Colorado senate president Peter Groff just came forward with a big thumbs up for Douglas County reform plan, concluding:

DCSD’s innovation and commitment to give all students a world-class education by using all means necessary will ensure the continued success and greatness of Colorado and America.

Don’t think I could have stated that any better myself. Groff is an established longtime supporter of bold education reform to help all sorts of kids. It’s the Dougco reform opponents who have been fixated on injecting “politics” into the debate — and now, who will be busy trying to demonstrate that they don’t support corrupting the integrity of a school board election to win at all costs.

The contrast is sadly revealing. Time for me to take a little break.