D.C.'s Magical Money Taking Slow Road to Colorado School Districts

I’m a little young to be growing so cynical, but how else would you explain why I’m not surprised by this recent story from Education News Colorado?

Only $7 million out of $312 million in federal stimulus funds for education has actually been allocated to Colorado districts.

Delays and changes in federal rules and the bureaucratic process of processing and approving district applications are the primary culprits for the delay, the State Board of Education was told Thursday.

Maybe someone blew the pixie dust off that magical money tree. Because first, the money blew away from real education reform. Now it’s making its way from D.C. to Colorado school districts on the backs of some tired old pack mules.

Now tell me again: How desperately do school districts need that money? Why are we relying so much on the federal magic money tree to help students learn? Oh wait, yeah. The money mainly will prop up the existing system. If students happen to learn, that’s just a nice bonus.

Seems to me like there must be better ways to turn this thing around….