D.C. Voucher Program Renewed: Rounding Up Reactions, Controlling My Exuberance

So I hear the federal government came really close to shutting down this past weekend. Bigger people than me can tell you whether the last-minute deal to avert a shutdown was in total a good deal or not. But I do know one aspect of the deal that is definitely praiseworthy: namely, that the SOAR Act reauthorizing and expanding the D.C. school voucher program was adopted.

How happy do you think I am? Bet you can only imagine. But giving myself an opportunity to restrain my childish exuberance, here is a roundup of encouraging, uplifting, and insightful reactions:

Uh-oh — that makes me want to holler REALLY loud: YIPPPEEEEEEE! (I tried to hold it in, I really did….)