Court Upholds School Choice: Alabama Kids Win, Now Why Not Colorado, Too?

A little over a week ago I told you about the brilliant blindside hit for Alabama kids in failing schools and other school choice supporters. Not only did they sack the quarterback for a loss, but the reform team defense forced a fumble and returned it for a touchdown!

Well, the coaches for the education establishment didn’t like the call, I guess. Because about the same time I posted the good news, they filed a restraining order to stop the tax credit scholarship legislation from going into effect.

I don’t think true football fans would wait more than a week after the red challenge flag hit the field for the referees to make up their mind, but yesterday’s response from the Alabama Supreme Court actually came pretty quickly for the legal system.

The win for kids sped into the record books, too, as Governor Robert Bentley signed the Alabama Accountability Act into law today:

The bill allows families with children zoned to failing schools to receive tax credits to help pay for attendance at private schools or other public schools. It authorizes donation-funded scholarships for students zoned to failing schools whose families meet income requirements. It allows local school systems to seek waivers from some state policies.

As the celebratory press release from the Friedman Foundation explains, Alabama is now the 12th state to offer tax credits for donations to K-12 scholarship organizations that enable needy students to attend a private school they choose.

Colorado is behind Alabama when it comes to college football. Let’s not fall behind in educational opportunity as well. Let’s look at our own scholarship tax credit program, and help Colorado kids win, too!