Cookie Monster Invoked Again, in Great Public Radio Prop 103 Takedown

When it comes to invoking the great Cookie Monster in blogging about public policy, who is the king? That’s right. I hate to toot my own horn, but you may remember such famous Eddie posts as:

Well, it appears that I’ve been falling down on the Cookie Monster-blogging job, and someone has had to pick up the slack. That would be one of Jon Caldara’s minions giving little old Eddie a little silent homage with today’s gem about Prop 103 on public radio:

The writing is on the wall for Proposition 103. Rollie Heath essentially failed to sell fresh chocolate chip cookies to a hungry Cookie Monster. Turns out, Cookie Monster couldn’t stomach what Rollie was selling in this economy. Who knew?

So yes. I colored on the Blue Book explaining the arguments for the Prop 103 tax hike. And Prop 103 helped me embrace a newfound love for toppling dominoes (so much better than the dominoes of real jobs falling over!). Now it has invoked the return of the Cookie Monster to Ed Is Watching.

Kudos to the Independence Institute‘s Penn Pfiffner for debating Senator Heath over the tax hike on Colorado Public Radio, just as my Education Policy Center friend Ben DeGrow did earlier on local 9 News television.