Congratulations DSST

Colorado’s charter schools are no rookies when it comes to setting school choice standards–so it’s no surprise that the Denver School of Science and Technology (DSST) charter school network received this year’s Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools, an award given to the country’s best public charter school network.

The Broad Prize is awarded to public charter schools that display stellar organization and management, academic accomplishment, and a commitment to educating low-income and minority students. The charter network in question must be comprised of at least 33 percent minority students and 40 percent low-income students, and the winner is awarded $250,000 for college readiness efforts. This is the second year that DSST has been a finalist for the award, and another Denver network–Strive Prep­­–was also in the running this year.

DSST was well above most of the Broad Prize’s metrics–low-income students make up 66 percent of the network’s student body, and DSST’s test scores surpass Colorado’s average including scores from many wealthier areas. The Stanford University Center for Research and Education Outcomes (CREDO) stated that “DSST is a great example of the much-desired and elusive combination: a network that ensures outstanding results for all types of students while growing to serve ore students.” In the future evolution of school choice, DSST’s success will undoubtedly serve as a model for emerging and developing charter schools seeking a template for all-inclusive, high grade education.