Colorado Legislative Session off to Blazing Fast Start on Education Bills

Today is the start of Colorado’s legislative session, and the people under the Golden Dome are wasting no time getting to work on education issues. With Race to the Top deadlines looming, lawmakers are working to speed some bills through the process.

Right now, the Senate Education Committee is considering Senate Bill 36 — which would use data to link teacher performance to teacher preparation programs, so we better know which education schools are getting the job done and which are not.

You can listen live (Senate Committee Room 354) like I am, and you’ll get a sense of just what kind of fast track this legislation is on. CDE associate commissioner Rich Wenning just raced across Colfax Avenue from testifying to the State Board and receiving their unanimous support for SB 36 to the Senate Education Committee. Now the committee is debating amendments.

There are more bills coming, and plenty of hectic action underway. My Education Policy Center friends and I are doing their best to stay on top of the situation. If there are late-breaking developments, please follow me on my Twitter page.

The action is fast and furious, almost enough to wear out an energetic little kid like me.