Climb (Dance & Tweet) Aboard the National School Choice Week Train with Me

It’s fun to be part of something big that promotes a great cause. And this year that something has grown bigger than ever before: National School Choice Week! This year I’m excited to see the national celebration spotlighted by a national cross-country Whistle Stop Tour. It kicks off today in Los Angeles, California, and ends up in New York City a week later. Oh, how little Eddie would love to hitch a ride on the rails!

While the Whistle Stop Tour has no plans to visit my neck of the woods, it does at least cut through the southeastern part of Colorado. And if you can’t catch the train at any of its stops across the Fruited Plain, there’s still plenty of other things to do. More than 1,000 events are planned from coast to coast.

Let’s start with some of what’s going on right here in Denver. My Education Policy Center friends are sponsoring a community showing of Waiting for Superman… in Spanish! This will be a great chance for me to learn some words en espanol besides gracias or adios. Rumor has it some food and prizes might be involved. Details for the Thursday evening, January 31, event at Centro San Juan Diego can be found on this handy flier.

If you’re around the Mile High City but prefer something in English, then you have the choice of two great events on Wednesday, January 30. The Professional Association of Colorado Educators (PACE) is hosting a star-studded panel discussion from 5:30-7:00 PM at the Resource Area for Teachers (RAFT) on “What Is It Like to Teach in a Virtual or Charter School?” You can hear PACE’s Tim Farmer and the Independence Institute’s Ben DeGrow talk up the benefits of school choice for teachers on a recent radio interview.

Not too far away, at the Independence Institute Freedom Embassy, the local chapters of America’s Future Foundation and Liberty on the Rocks will be screening the 2012 education reform movie Won’t Back Down. So if you missed it in the theater but were intrigued by a review, you may wish to sign up for the 6:00-9:00 PM event. (And maybe you can find a way to make both events that night.)

While you’re at one or more of these events, you might even get the opportunity to join some of the people in showing off some dance moves. So watch the 5-minute video and practice the official National School Choice Week flash mob dance:

Even if you can’t catch the Whistle Stop Tour or any one of the fun events here in Denver, you still could be a part of a little more virtual celebration. Along with my friends at the State Policy Network, I’m going to be part of the School Choice Tweet Up next Friday, February 1, from Noon-1:00 PM local Mountain Time. Won’t you join me?

Wow, just thinking about that train barreling across the tracks from Sea to Shining Sea, I’m more pumped about National School Choice Week than ever! While no one–on board the train or otherwise–could possibly make it to all the events, they all will get the chance to dance or Tweet, or celebrate in some way. Let’s press on to give students more options to access high-quality learning than ever before!