Choice Media K12 Video Reminds Colorado It's Time to Move Ahead on Digital Learning

Friday means I’m taking it easy, and leaving the work up to Choice Media TV‘s Bob Bowdon, who interviewed Jeff Kwitowski of K12, Inc., to talk about online education in this 8-minute video:

K12’s Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA) is the state’s largest provider among many online schools parents can choose. COVA mom Lori Cooney notes that this coming school year includes new K12 courses available for students — more than 550 altogether.

Kwitowski not only mentions Colorado as one of the states where his company has the strongest presence providing full-time virtual learning, but also explains how K12 course-level material is available to homeschoolers and private schools. He also deflates a few myths along the way.

Of course, the options don’t end with full-time cyberschools. Blended learning, something that takes many forms but I don’t talk about nearly enough. More and more Colorado students are seeking to blend the best of the digital and traditional classrooms, but we need to make serious changes to the state’s funding system before students have the power they need to customize and truly own their learning!

Colorado policy makers can start with a copy of the state’s own 2012 digital learning roadmap for reform.