Boulder Valley Decision to Sue State Charter Schools Made in "Plush Times"

The Boulder Valley school board doesn’t seem to be learning too quickly. As the Boulder Daily Camera reports, at least they have put off their decision to waste more taxpayer money by continuing their lawsuit against educational opportunity through the state’s charter school authority. But they’re not making many winning arguments to justify their past actions, either.

My Education Policy Center friend Pam Benigno was quoted in the story:

Pam Benigno, director of the Independence Institute’s Education Policy Center, said Boulder Valley leaders should be held accountable for their “waste of taxpayer money.”

“I’m a strong supporter of school choice,” Benigno said. “Families should have as many options as possible, and the state charter institute is a good idea for Colorado.”

Terrific, good stuff. But more revealing is the quote from the Boulder Valley superintendent:

Superintendent Chris King said it’s up to the board to decide how to proceed with the lawsuit, which Boulder Valley and two other districts filed four years ago, after the Colorado Charter School Institute was established by the Legislature.

“But the decision to pursue the lawsuit was made in more plush times,” King said. “It will be a harder decision to make in these times.” [link added]

To me, this sounds like an acknowledgment that the school district has more money than it really needs to educate kids like me. Or as a commenter on the last post aptly noted: “The Boulder school board believing in the ‘magical money tree?’ Not only is it possible, but based on recent activity, it’s highly probable.”

If Boulder Valley during “plush times” can easily afford to burn money on an anti-charter school lawsuit, and during less plush times is still able to consider spending more money on an appeal, just consider it one more argument for school district financial transparency.

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