Bipartisan Charter School Support Back to Equilibrium

My teacher loves when the kids in my class all get along. It makes everything easier when we aren’t having a screaming match about who gets to use what toy–and the best part is that we actually get to play. Conflict does happen however, but we always enjoy when the dust settles and we’re all back to enjoying ourselves.

Since the initial appointment of Betsy DeVos, the bipartisan support for charter schools has been under stress. The support for charter schools was diminished as education became more and more an all or nothing, partisan issue. But now, according to a study by the USC Center for Economic and Social Research, the bipartisan support seems to be back at equilibrium. The examples set by legislators and the testimonies of charter school success–especially for low-income and minority students–have helped re-garner the unanimous support that helped make charter schools possible in the first place.

For the time being, we should all appreciate that this trend has regained the strength that made many opportunities in education possible. School choice is renowned as a bipartisan issue, and we hope it stays that way.