Bill Ritter's Quality Teaching Blue Ribbon Commission Cause for Concern

Ed News Colorado has a story about yesterday’s first meeting of Governor Bill Ritter’s Council for Educator Effectiveness:

Thursday’s session, held at the Lowry headquarters of the state Community College System, was the usual first-meeting mix of introductions, setting expectations and deciding on a future meeting schedule.

The introductions gave some hints of how individual members are approaching the 18-month assignment.

“It’s always the adults who find it hardest to change.” – Lt. Gov. Barbara O’Brien, who welcomed the group but isn’t a member

Speaking for my age group, isn’t that the truth! Of course, it’s not just the adults per se, but the predictable preponderance of status quo interest adults represented on the council that gives me the most pause.

This council is the main plank in a compromise collaborative approach that puts Colorado’s legitimate Race to the Top reform chances in jeopardy. I know redesigning teacher evaluations to incorporate student academic growth isn’t as easy as flipping a switch, but 18 months? Talk about kicking the can down the road….

It’ll be hard work, too, but I plan to help keep an eye on the work of this council. We can’t let good intentions be watered down by old-fashioned politics. Because I don’t have a very good feeling about this latest blue-ribbon commission.