Ben DeGrow's Denver Post Piece an Important Reminder of Priorities

If you’re someone who reads the Denver newspapers on the weekend, you likely noticed an op-ed in the Denver Post written by our own Ben DeGrow. The title of the piece is “Putting Education – Not Unions – First”. (You’d almost think Ben has been reading a thing or two that I write here.)

But never mind that. I just wanted to share with you one section that I particularly liked and hope that you check out the whole thing:

Sometimes, the interests of the Democratic Party and teachers union officials align closely. The Colorado Education Association and Colorado Federation of Teachers together give Democrats about $50 in contributions for every $1 they give Republicans.

Of course, not all Democratic legislators are in the pockets of the teachers union hierarchy. It is remarkable, though, to see not one but two legislators without union connections assume the highest positions at our state Capitol. Peter Groff’s Democratic peers voted to re-elect him as state Senate president, and Rep. Terrance Carroll was selected to become the new speaker of the House.

Supporters of public school parental choice could find no better friends in the Democratic caucus than Groff and Carroll. Both men have a strong record of protecting charter schools against union-backed legislative attacks, even attacks launched by other Democrats. [link added]

Bold words from a guy whom CEA has called “[one] of the most virulent *anti-public education individuals in the state”.

* “anti-public education” = CEA code speak for anyone who disagrees with their agenda