Antonucci Deconstructs Chicago Teachers Union President's Post-Strike Answers

Call me lazy. Call me a copycat. Call me whatever you want (“sticks and stones,” and all that…). Just read this insightful piece by Mike Antonucci that unpacks the answers of Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis in a post-strike retrospective interview. His piece reminds us that democracy applies more broadly than to union actions, that not only the “experts” get a voice and a vote, and that the powerful trends of education reform persist even after this fall’s labor showdown in the Windy City.

The conclusion?

Reforms dreamed up by non-teachers might be stupid. We should certainly pay attention when teachers say so. But such a pronouncement should not end the debate, because teachers can call something stupid today and end up embracing it tomorrow.

Antonucci’s piece is titled “Democracy Needs ‘Stupidity.'” Take a few minutes to read and enjoy, and to give this 5-year-old blogger a break. Just don’t call me late for dinner!