Anti-Douglas County Choice Groups Seek to Stop Education Liberty Bell from Ringing

A couple weeks ago I filled you in on how there are two separate groups that have filed their legal complaints against the Douglas County Choice Scholarship Program. Well, as Ed News Colorado reports, now they’ve taken the next official step:

Plaintiffs in two lawsuits challenging the Douglas County voucher pilot are asking for an immediate halt to the plan, arguing it must be stopped before any public dollars flow to private schools.

“Once the money is illegally diverted away from public schools, the bell can’t be unrung,” said Gregory M. Lipper, attorney for Americans United for Separation of Church and State, one of the plaintiffs.

Since Douglas County parents now have more freedom to choose the best education for their child, might I suggest in honor of the recent important holiday that the bell in question is the Liberty Bell! And might I add that if that “bell can’t be unrung” once families have used a voucher to make the first payment to the new private school for tuition, will they drop the lawsuits if some of the Choice Scholarship checks already may have gone out and been redeemed at a private school?

Of course not. They’re using the rhetoric they are for the intended scary effect, and will do what they can to stop as many families possible from exercising choice. Do they care if they disrupt the families of 500 kids, many of whom have signed up and are preparing for a new school — including attendance of summer sessions for incoming students and parents, and tryouts for music, drama or fall sports teams? I’ll let you answer that one.

If anyone out there has the time on their hands, you can read the two separate “motions for preliminary injunction” filed with the courts here and here. Both are featured, along with numerous other links to program information and media reports (even blog highlights that include some of my writings!), on a new webpage put together by my Education Policy Center friends.

That webpage is your one-stop shop for info on Douglas County vouchers. So check it out today! I hear some sort of exciting production is in the works to highlight the needs and choices of families in the Douglas County voucher program. Stay tuned!