Another Colorado "Edu-Trial" Opens Today: Defending Dougco Choice from Injunction

Update, 8/3: Further highlighting how the attempt to enjoin the Douglas County voucher program would disrupt families’ lives, Denver 7 News has a great story — including an interview with Diana Oakley, who was featured in the recent Independence Institute video on Douglas County vouchers. In fact, if you watch the video of the 7 News report, you might even see a little unattributed footage from that video….

Yesterday I pointed out that hearings for the Lobato school funding lawsuit were officially underway. And yesterday, the team at AM 850 KOA’s Colorado Morning News released the first of their two-part dive into Douglas County’s voucher debate.

Why? Because Colorado’s second big “edu-trial” of the week starts today, with a Denver District Court judge set to consider a motion for a preliminary injunction against the Douglas County voucher program. I’m still wondering what took so long to try and disrupt families’ lives with the threat of an injunction if it was so urgent for the ACLU & Company.

Being young and all, nor do I get why so many groups and people want to take educational choices and opportunities away from kids and families. I’d like to think they have a better reason than Cindy Barnard, one of the plaintiffs who led off the 850 KOA story with this head-spinner of a quote:

Once we put public money into the hands of private institutions, there is no accountability.

Maybe someone should tell Ms. Barnard that according to the Colorado Department of Education, $7-8 million a year of tax dollars is spent on “tuition paid to private schools or non-approved agencies.” If she has heard of direct placements or contract schools, she is pretending like they don’t exist.

Sigh. Well, maybe one of the bigger people out there can set straight choice opponents with the facts. If you head on down to the Denver District Court or if you’re already there, maybe you can say hello to my Education Policy Center friends.

Speaking of the word injunction, though, don’t you think it deserves a little animated railroad treatment a la Schoolhouse Rock? C’mon, everybody, sing with me: Injunction junction, what’s your function?…