AAE Teachers Sound Off for School Choice, Blended Learning, and Fiscal Responsibility

Consistent and reliable, or boring and predictable? Exactly one year ago today I posted about the new AAE member survey that showed broad support for more teacher options. So here we are 365 days later looking at… what? The latest national survey from the nation’s largest non-union teacher organization: the Association of American Educators.

Key findings include — at least the ones that jumped off the page at me:

  • 82% support public school open enrollment, which has thrived longer and more in Colorado than almost anywhere else
  • 72% favor the idea of education savings accounts, Arizona’s cutting-edge program that well may represent the future of educational choice
  • 65% personally support a blended learning school environment
  • 64% would rather negotiate their own contracts than rely on union collective bargaining (of course, AAE and its affiliates don’t engage in bargaining, so these teachers likely are not representative of the greater educator population)
  • 63% did NOT support Colorado’s own Amendment 66 statewide tax initiative — a remarkable ratio, given that 64% of the general population voted to reject it

If you’re interested in learning more about where AAE’s Colorado teachers stand on key issues, check out PACE’s 2013 State Policy Survey or listen to Tim Farmer discuss the results with one of my Education Policy Center friends.

Will I post about the exact same topic next February 4? Stay tuned and find out. In the meantime, keep reading and stay informed….