A Worthy Celebration of Instant Gratification: NC Court Upholds Choice

Only a few weeks ago we received the long-awaited news on Douglas County’s Choice Scholarship Program. While the Colorado Supreme Court narrowly left us to wait even longer and hold out hope for something even bigger and better, today brings some news of instant gratification.

I only have a few minutes to share with you the uplifting news that North Carolina’s highest court has upheld that state’s Opportunity Scholarship Program. Check out the release from the Institute for Justice:

Today, the North Carolina Supreme Court ruled that the state’s Opportunity Scholarship Program is constitutional. The program, which was enacted in 2013, helps low-income parents to afford private school for their children whose needs aren’t being met by public schools. Today’s decision reverses a ruling by the Wake County Superior Court, and settles any doubts about the constitutionality of the program going forward.

This particular program helps provide access to more quality education options, by making private K-12 tuition scholarships worth up to $4,200 available to low-income Tarheel State families. The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice has some more details on the program’s particulars.

Rounding out the celebration is the American Federation for Children:

“Today the court stood with parents who have demanded greater educational choice, rather than an education system that is underserving too many of North Carolina’s children,” said Kevin P. Chavous, executive counsel of the American Federation for Children. “We are thrilled to see the Opportunity Scholarship Program affirmed so that it can continue to offer life changing educational opportunities to children in need, and empower the countless families who seek these opportunities.”

Well said. I’ll continue to cheer for more school choice and for broader, stronger programs. Meanwhile, today’s news represents another positive step forward for students and families, one to celebrate and make me smile.