2010 Edublog Award Nominations

Last year I told you that all I wanted for Christmas was to be nominated for an Edublog Award. Ok, so it wasn’t really ALL I wanted for Christmas, but that’s beside the point.

Well, the 2010 Edublog Awards competition is up and running, and I am proud to say that someone DID nominate me! Thank you so much to Lori at Lori’s LOLz for putting my name in the virtual hat as a contender for “Best Individual Blog”:

Ben DeGrow, along with 5-year old Eddie keep their eyes on the goings on in education in Colorado. Every day I look forward to reading their thoughts on the latest news and information that they share along with their ‘Edifying’ podcasts.

All I can say right now is that both Ben and I are blushing. Seriously, though, I’m very grateful to Lori and very honored for the consideration. Here are my nominations (know that there are more categories than these):

If I had time to explain why each of the nominations was made, I’d do so. But I invite you to check them out for yourself and add them to your regular reading, if you have any interest in education policy. Remember, if you have your own blog, you can make your 2010 Edublog Award nominations, too, but you have to do so by this Friday, December 3.