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A Glimpse at New Schools: Insight School of Colorado

Correction: Insight School is a district choice school, not a public charter school, as originally written. The change has been reflected in this post. We apologize for any confusion caused. School is getting back into gear for most students across Colorado. An ever more popular and innovative option for parents and students is the online school. The newest – Insight School of Colorado – is authorized by the Julesburg School District in the far northeastern corner of the state. Technology and cyberspace are ever changing, so you may need to revise your notions of what an online education program looks like for the typical student. Here’s what Insight has to offer: Enrolling at Insight means having access to the very best online high school education, including A personal mentoring program A nationally recognized curriculum Professional one-on-one instruction In-person meetings Social activities All the administrative and technology support you and your family need There’s also a video that explains more about the Insight program (free Quicktime software needed). Social activities, you say, at an online school? According to the website, there will be a school newspaper, student government, academic clubs, occasional field trips throughout Colorado, and “Yes, there will be a […]