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CEA Members Can Ask for their Political Money Back Before December 15

My friends in the Education Policy Center enlisted the help of a veteran teacher in Jeffco Public Schools to briefly explain about this thing called the Every Member Option, or EMO. In this 2-minute video, you can watch Michael explain the EMO better than some union officials have tried to do. The Colorado Education Association‘s $39 EMO is collected from every CEA member along with their dues, and goes to fund political action. Some of the CEA local unions collect their own separate EMO worth as much as $24 this year. Teachers and other education employees who choose not to have this money spent on politics have the opportunity to ask for the $39 CEA refund before December 15. Go here to find more information about obtaining the local refund. As Michael says: “And remember, spending money on politics is your choice.” Spread the word!


Union Omissions: Rest of the Story on CEA and JCEA Political Refunds

Last Friday, the Jefferson County Education Association (JCEA) president sent an email through the chain to her members about their political refund option in anticipation of the Independence Institute informing them. We’d like to thank her for helping to spread the word, but need to provide a few clarifying comments about her message first: 1. JCEA’s Every Member Option (EMO) political money is $24 a year (or $2 a month) for each member. For those not willing or able to do the math, CEA’s EMO is $39 a year ($3.25 x 12). 2. “JCEA and CEA’s EMO is optional for all members.” Only if by “optional” you mean the union takes the money and promises to give it back if you fill out separate refund request letters to CEA and JCEA before December 15. Find out how here, or go directly to CEA’s online refund request form here. 3. “Contribution” is a funny word to use to describe the EMO. Insisting that “Members agree with the EMO contribution” because most of them don’t ask for it back before a deadline sets a pretty low standard. The point isn’t whether a majority of JCEA/CEA members agree with the EMO, but whether […]